Senior II


The Senior II group is most advanced training group within the Northwest Arkansas Aquatics program. Swimmers in this group are striving to be as successful as they can be and compete at the highest level in the sport whether that be regionally or nationally. The majority of the swimmers in this group are working to pursue swimming at the collegiate level.


The focus of the Senior II group is to challenge these swimmers to be the best that they can be in and out of the pool on a daily basis. They will learn skills that they will be able to apply to their swimming at this current time as well as in college and in life.


The Dryland for the Senior II group will be the most intense in the entire NWAA program. The in-water training will be designed to help these swimmers perform as well as they can in the given season as well as continue to develop in their careers if they chose to further their swimming at the college level.


Swimmers in the Senior II group will range in ages of 15-18 and it is preferred that swimmers will be entering their sophomore year of HS and older; however, there may be some swimmers that are prepared and the workload is developmentally appropriate for them. In such cases, coaches discretion may warrant a move-up prior to this ideal age range.


The Senior II group has standards that they must meet in order to be in the group. The baseline attendance requirement is 90%. If the swimmer fails to meet that percentage in a month, they will have the next month to get their attendance to 90% or higher. If that does not happen, they will be moved down to the Senior I group.


Practice Schedule:


Bentonville Community Center (a membership with the BCC is required)


Required Equipment:


Mesh Bag


Pull Buoy


Fins (long blade)

Drag Sox


Lead Group Coach:


Mark Gole – [email protected]


Meet Schedule: