Welcome to the CheerCore Inc. Online Class Registration platform! Please take a look at our descriptions below to determine where your child will fit into our program.
Come celebrate your BIG day with us with lots of fun and games in our state of the art facility.
Birthday Party Packages
All of our camps are jam packed with fun activities and games while also incorporating skills based training from ALL of our popular programs such as: CHEERcore, TUMBLEcore and NINJAcore. Your child will be having fun, making new friends & leave feeling accomplished! Please Note: All of our camps have designated pick up times after which you will be charged for after-care ($10 per 15 minutes) as our coaches cannot leave until every child is safely picked up. For more details, please read the description of the specific camp you are signing up for.
Full Day Camps
All of our teams are divided into 4 Programs: Novice, Prep, Elite & Worlds.

- Novice Cheer (in-house showcase & competitive options available - ages 6-16)
- Prep Cheer (level 1 semi-competitive - ages U12)
- Elite Cheer (level 2-3 competitive - ages 9-18)

Just know that regardless of which program you choose for your child, they will have an amazing experience throughout the season. Every program gets the same level of care, effort and dedication from our coaches that you have come to expect from CheerCore!
CheerCore ELITE
CheerCore PREP
Recreational classes are a FUN and low-stress way for your child to experience the sport of cheerleading while learning all the necessary components of the sport such as: Jumps, Motions, Tumbling Timing, Basic Stunts and more!

In recreational classes, our goal is to keep kids moving, smiling, and learning all while making friends and having fun!
Flight School
Rec Classes
These fun, high energy classes are designed to help kids develop the 3 main attributes of a NINJA: Strength, Agility and Skills.
Parent and Tot classes are a FUN way for you and your child to move, build basic motor skills, fundamentals of tumbling and stunts!
Recreational Cheer Parent and Tot
Our tumbling classes are open to everyone... whether you're from a different sport or a different gym, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

All TUMBLEcore classes are skill-based, so you'll know exactly what you're going to be working on when you sign up! Please note that we adhere to our proven 'Perfection Before Progression' model, so be sure to check the list of prerequisites before signing up. If you're unsure, feel free to get in touch: [email protected] and we will be happy to guide you.
Walkovers & Handsprings