• ALL jobs can be learned on deck, unless indicated.
  • Know your Team Unify Login
  • Look at your schedule.
  • Glance over meet jobs, know your preferences.
  • Look for Team Unify link approx. 1 week before meet
  • SIGN UP!!


CLERK OF COURSE:   Attention to detail necessary.  Check-in swimmers to seed events.  The clerk of course lead assigns tasks.

MARSHALS:   Must arrive 15 minutes before warmups begin to open warmup pools.  Monitor warmup pools to ensure the safety and smooth running of lanes.

RUNNERS:   Must arrive 10 minutes early.  Duties vary at each meet- pick up time sheets, posting heat/lane assignments, on call to meet director.  Meet @ computer room.

HEAD TIMER:   Must arrive 5-10 minutes early.  Run backup stop watches.  Meet experience necessary.    

ANNOUNCER:  Usually preassigned.  If you have announcing experience, please let Sarah or Tom know.

SNACK BAR/HOSTING:  Duties directed by daily host lead.  May involve set up.

AWARDS:  Printing place stickers, organizing ribbons for pickup. Report to meet director for guide.