The Ponoka Pool Sharks Mission

The Ponoka Pool Sharks promote the sport of competitive swimming by providing young swimmers with the opportunity to develop swimming skills through a positive training environment and appropriate competition.


We Believe:

  • Competitive swimming is an avenue for developing life skills such as: goal setting, time management, determination, dedication, commitment, and team spirit, as well as physical endurance, proportional muscular development, natural flexibility, enhanced coordination, and fitness and enjoyment for life. 
  • While winning can be important, the striving, planning, learning, and personal growth resulting from participation and competitive experience is of greater importance.  The discipline, conditioning, and friendships make every Pool Shark a winner. 
  • Competitive swimming should be rewarding for the swimmers and their parents. 
  • Swimmers, coaches and parents share personal accountability for each swimmer’s successful development.  Each individual is stronger as a member of a team. 
  • The opportunity to train under experienced, professional coaches encourages each swimmer to improve their individual skills and performance. 
  • A strong, supporting, innovative, and involved parent group is essential to each swimmer’s success. 
  • Swimmers, coaches and parents serve as ambassadors for the club and the community. 
  • Fiscal management and fundraising are essential in keeping the cost of membership reasonable.