Patriot Swim Club

Patriot Swim Club program aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent learn to swim experience with quality teaching at a competitive level.

Patriot Swim Club provides children and young people the opportunity to learn and develop swimming skills.

We are a year-round program - 2014 - 2016

Started with swimming unattached at a competitive level and advanced through the red and blue level meets.

High School Program - 2019

Added the high school program.

Year on hold due to COVID-19

No swimmer is turned away.

USA Swim Year Around Program - 2021

Patriot Swim Club Northpark

What is the Patriot Swim Club North Park?

The Patriot Swim  Club is a Team is a resident-only neighborhood team that was established in 2021 to assist The Northpark Swim community. Patriot Swim Club @ North Park is founded and run only for the purpose of providing members with the option to join and engage in a year-round program, compete in USA swim meets if desired, and focus on water safety, stroke training, and individual progress.

Currently, nearly 7,000 youngsters from south Orange County compete on USA swim teams throughout the southern California region.

Reasons to Join North Park Swim Club

  • Your kids will become great swimmers
  • Swimming is not only a sport, it's a lifestyle activity that virtually anyone can do
  • Your kids will make lots of new friends and have fun
  • It's a great way to meet other Northpark families
  • Parties and social activities for not only kids but parents too
  • Swim team will teach your kids courage, discipline, diligence and personal responsibility
  • Competition encourages desire to improve and builds confidence and self-esteem which translates to other aspects in life


Who can join Patriot Swim Club @NorthPark?

  • Northpark residents
  • Age 3 to 18 as of June 1

How many swimmers are on the team?

No swimmer will be turned away! 

Is my child ready?

ABC Learn to Swim - New Swimmer !

3 times per week * per Month

4 Swimmers per group Max, 30Min.


The goal of the Learn to swim Program/ Squad is to establish a solid base of general in-water movements that will attribute to swim safety. These include floating, turning, treading, getting in and out of the water as well as the ability to comfortably stay under the surface. Upon completing the certificate, swimmers will also have an idea about the four (4) swimming techniques: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl (better known as freestyle). swimmers will be able to swim by themselves in a pool with adult supervision.


When is the swim season?

The season typically runs From Sep to August! 

When does the team practice?

Practices occur daily, Monday through Friday and Some Saturdays

The practices are held at the Northpark Forest Glen Pool managed by a head coach and assistant coaches, who are Red Cross certified. The coaches are selected by the team.  Only a portion of the Forest Glen pool is used for practice, not the entire pool. Thus, non-swim team residents can use the pool facilities during practices. Practices are broken down into separate sessions by age group, thus there will be a dedicated session for all ages, and so forth on a given day. Typically there are about 20-25 kids in a session. The coaches will teach general techniques, and also give some limited one-on-one instruction as needed. Other teams do not practice at Northpark. They practice at their own pools.


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Patriot Swim Club Northpark


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