1: Click on the Job Signup button for the event.

2: Put a checkmark in the empty box beside the position that you would like to sign up for

3: Scroll back up to the top of the page and click on the Signup button

4: When the pop-up dialogue box shows up, type in the full name of the person who will officiate (example: John Doe) -- just the full name, not phone numbers or email addresses

                a)    Parents must sign up for a specific position and a specific session. If both parents will officiate, sign up for each person who is going to officiate.

                b)    You must be certified for the position your sign up for.

                c)    When you sign up to officiate, it is a request for the position. The Officials’ Coordinator and Meet Manager will make the final decisions for all officiating assignments.

                d)    If you want to shadow a position, please email or talk to the officials coordinator to indicate your interest. To shadow a position, you must have taken the course.

If you are having difficulty signing up online, please email or talk to the Meet Manager or Officials Coordinator.  ALL OFFICIALS must be in the meeting room at the start of warmup and sign the roster that will be posted. Volunteers involved in Meet Set Up and the Safety Marshals must be on deck at the time specified by the Meet Manager for these positions.