New Jersey Swimming
Advancing competitive swimming in
New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming’s Vision:  Advancing competitive swimming in New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming's Mission Statement: Develop the sport of swimming through leadership and excellence by providing environments that encourage swimmers to achieve their goals and advance while fostering the principals of sportsmanship, leadership and achievement. 

New Jersey Swimming
Officials Training Clinics
FALL 2023
To attend a clinic, you must contact the clinic instructor beforehand, as space is limited in
some locations. Please be sure you meet the prerequisites for the clinic you plan to
attend (i.e., time in current level, number of meet sessions worked, etc.).
Please do not sign up for multiple clinics; if you sign up for a clinic and then have to change your plans, please let the
clinic instructor know at once and withdraw from the clinic. Otherwise, you may cause someone else to not be able
to attend the clinic when, in fact, there was space available.
This schedule is as of September 21, 2023.
UPDATED: 11.09.2023
ST-USA             Oct 14 or 15           6:30 pm (Paul Welsh)                         EXCEL Swimming             [email protected]
ST-USA             Oct. 18                   6:30 pm (Paul Welsh)                         Princeton – Lifetime           [email protected]
S/T-USA            Oct. 19                   6:30 pm (Christopher Barry)               Montclair State                   [email protected]
AO                     Oct. 24                   6:30pm (Ellen Mace)                           Virtual                                [email protected]
S/T-USA             Oct. 25                  6:30 pm (Christopher Barry)                Peddie School                   [email protected]
ST-USA              Nov. 9                    7:00 pm (Christopher Barry)               Virtual                                  [email protected]
ST-USA              Nov 11                   8:00am (Gretchen Van de Walle )       in person at BB Thankful Meet        [email protected]   
SR-USA              Nov. 15                 7:00 pm (Paul Welsh)                          Princeton – Lifetime           [email protected]
ST-USA              Nov. 16                  7:00 pm (Gretchen Van de Walle)       Virtual                                 [email protected] 
ST-USA              DEC 07                 7:00 pm (Gretchen Van de Walle)       Virtual                                  [email protected]  
USA Ref Clinic   Jan 5 2024             6:15pm (Christopher Barry)               Jersey Aquatic Center         [email protected]
- for NEW & Recertifying Referees
AO                     JAN 18, 2024        12:00pm (Bart Fellin/Judy Sharkey     Neptune Aquatic Center         [email protected]


Here is the the list of NJ YMCA Clinics

*** If you are not a YMCA official but are a level 1 USA official and need to be recertified, you may take the YMCA Level 1 class****

NOTES:  ** Time subject to change once meeting information is available -MAXIMUM PER CLASS 8