Fitter. Faster. Healthier.

Our program welcomes all ability levels.

Are you a competitive masters swimmer, triathlete, or open water swimmer? Maybe you're just here to have fun and get into better shape?

At SAMS, we emphasize three universal points:

  • Increasing overall fitness level
  • Improving stroke technique
  • Growing overall wellness

Along the way, you'll benefit from expert coaches and access to video stroke analysis in a premier facility with access to specialized training equipment like parachutes, stretch cords, and more. And you'll make new friends and have fun, too!

Practice Schedule

Up to 10 practices are offered each week, with early morning, lunchtime, and evening practices offered to fit your busy schedule. Each practice lasts 60 minutes and works on specific skills. Athletes also have access to Hudl, a video recording program you can view at home to see visual feedback on your stroke technique. 


How much does it cost?

  • Individual: $55 a month
  • Add Family Member: Additional Cost at 50% Discount
  • USMS Annual Registration: $51

Payment Options

All members have the option of paying once per year or monthly. Payment can be done by debit or credit card, or by ACH.