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Contacting Coaches

If you would like to speak individually with your coach, contact them by emailing the coach directly, or using the message system for the group (Remind or Telegram).

Club Communication

To encourage improved communication between our membership, coaching staff, and other club representatives we have put together a description of our communication channels.

Our website, updated on a regular basis with information on the front home page. Please check the News and/or Meets & Events section of our website as it will contain information about practice schedule changes, meet information, and other important information.

Communicating During Practice

It is important that we respect the right of all swimmers to have the best possible coaching. Subsquently,

Coaches will not be available during training sessions to speak to parents or others.

Parents should

allow the Coach to give full attention and concentration to swimmers while coaching on pool deck; and 

understand that Coaches are happy to speak to parents or others regarding the program, answer questions or discuss issues relevant to their child/children's coaching at an appropriate time.

There are three avenues to handle this:

Wait till the training session is over or catch the Coach before training. Remember the Coach needs to be on time to coach so long discussions may need a different approach.

Message the Coach and make an appointment.

Email the coach

Other Contact Information

If you have any further questions, please send us an email