Abigail School of Dance offers a range of dance classes. Classes are open to students aged 4 to teen.Proper dance placement is important; therefore, please select a class that is best suited for your skill level.​If you have prior dance experience, please contact us for assistance with class placement.

Attendance/Make up classes: 

Students who signed up for a dance class after the first week or beyond cannot make up those classes.


Makeup classes are exclusively offered for classes missed due to unavoidable circumstances, including illness, family emergencies, or inclement weather. 

Each student is allowed a maximum of two makeup classes per calendar year via Zoom. These makeup classes provide flexibility while also ensuring fairness to all students.


Makeup classes will not be provided for classes missed due to personal commitments, vacations, or other non-emergency reasons. We encourage students to prioritize their dance education and attendance accordingly. Makeup classes cannot be exchanged for monetary refunds or credits toward future sessions. Our focus is on providing quality instruction and maintaining consistency in the learning process.


In case of an emergency, a request for a make-up class must be submitted by email to [email protected] or text 313-757-2711 with the information regarding the absence (date and the class you will not be attending). If the make-up class is approved, you will be notified by a staff member.