Pre-season coaches' meeting: Monday January 8, 2023 - 6:30pm at Transfiguration Catholic School, 6125 15th Avenue North, Oakdale, MN 55128

2024 CAA Prelims April 6-7 at John Glenn Middle School

2024 CAA Finals April 9 (Boys)-10 (Girls) at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center

Diving Prelims will be held at Centennial High School in Circle Pines on Friday, April 5th from 4:30-6:30pm

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Prelims Information

Timeline          Session Report

Programs: Session 2 (3-4 Girls)          Session 3 (5-6 Girls)          Session 4 (3-4, 5-6 Boys)          Session 5 (7-8 Girls and Boys)

Session 6 (K-2 Girls)          Session 7 (K-2 Boys)


Diving Information:

CAA Diving 2023

CAA 1-Meter Dive Table

CAA Dive Sheet

CAA Diving Age Groups 

For further details, contact Dawn Heim @ [email protected]


Items you will need to enter your swimmers in this year's CAA Championships:

 Instructions for obtaining and using Team Manager - Lite

Meet Events for 2024 CAA Championships (Upload into Team Manager or Team Manager Lite)

Scratches following Prelims in advance of Finals

Additional Information

Meet Entry File is due to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than Friday March 22nd at 8:00pm. 

NOTE: Swimmers may enter a maximum of 3 events. No more than 2 can be individual events. (0 individual events+3 relays, 1 individual+2 relays, 2 individual+1 relay). Diving is the only exception to this as it is considered to be it's own separate meet. 

Teams may enter a maximum of 2 relays in the prelims and up to 16 relays will advance to finals. However, “A” relays are seeded first and all other relays will be seeded last according to time until empty slots are filled.

Only “A” relays are able to earn team points and awards. All other relays will swim as exhibition only in the Finals. If a school’s “A” relay team is DQ’ed, a “B” relay for the same school may still swim, but they will still not be able to earn team points or awards.

Makeup of relay teams is left up to coaches and changes can be made at any time prior to the event being swum. One potential example would be a case where an “A” relay has DQ’ed in the prelims. The same swimmers could replace swimmers on a “B” relay team that has advanced to finals, even though this is not considered in the spirit of the sport. However, it would be allowed, since the “B” relay team could still not score points or earn awards.

Combined Relays
During the finals only (not prelims), schools wishing to put together a relay team comprised of swimmers from different schools may do so if empty lanes exist. Such teams are not eligible for team points or awards, nor will the results of such teams be included in the official results. Also, if the Finals for a given relay event are schedule (in the program) to only have one heat, additional heats will not be added to accommodate combined relays. Entry of combined relays must be done on the night of Finals competition and will be on a “first come – first serve” basis. This rule is being put into effect for the express purpose of affording swimmers from small teams that do not have enough swimmers to field a relay team an opportunity to compete in a relay. (Large teams already have this opportunity since they can enter additional relays into prelims and those relays can advance to finals.)

Effective with the 2012 Championships, Diving will be treated as a totally separate meet. Diving entries will no longer be counted against the limitations of individual entries for swimming events, nor will diving scores be included with team points for swimming.

Swimming "Up"
Swimmers are allowed to swim “up” in age group for the purpose of relays only – not for individual events. Under no circumstances are swimmers allowed to swim “down” in age group.) At least one swimmer on a relay team must be in the age group the relay is listed for.

High School Swimmers
In 2003, at a CAA Board meeting, it was decided that swimmers who have competed for a high school team, whether at the varsity or junior varsity level, are still eligible to compete in the CAA Swimming and Diving Championships. This decision was reached just days prior to the 2003 meet and word did not get out in time for this years entries, so it will become effective with the 2004 meet.

View the Disqualification Slip used at the CAA Championship Meet.



Meet Results from prior meets:

(If you have a full version of Team Manager, you will be able to import these results into your program so that you will have historical data on you swimmers. In your Team Manager program, click on File / Import / Meet Results. Note that these import files include all swimmers, so you will want to select only your team.)