LAKE Monsters is the year-round, USA-Swimming competitive team of the Mission Valley Aquatic Center in Polson, MT. Join us for a friendly, fun, and fast swimming experience. 

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6/9/24 "I am always doing what I can't do yet in order to learn how to do it." --Vincent Van Gogh Practice Schedule, 6/10-6/15...

By Neil Romney

Update 6/2/24

6-2-24 “Teaching is imbuing in kids a confidence in their own capacity for accomplishment, in their own capacity for mastery.” --Adam Gopnik 80% Attendance...

By Neil Romney

Update 5/26/24

Update 5/26/24 “Novices become experts by repeatedly pushing themselves to the edge of their abilities, making errors both inevitable and essential for progress. Instead...

By Neil Romney

Update 5/19/24

Update 5/19/24 “The greatest predictor of success is grit.” --Angela Duckworth For immediate attention Missoula Firecracker entries due Monday, May 27 Swimmers, after practice,...

By Neil Romney

Update 5/12/24

Update 5/12/24 “Whenever you encounter anything that is difficult, the contest is now: your progress is wrecked or preserved by a single day and...

By Neil Romney

Update 5/5/24

Update 5/5/24 “Stoicism is something we are doing. Every single day, we’re trying. Every single day, we are putting the time, the effort, the...

By Neil Romney

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