Thank you for your interest in North Coast Aquatics. We are a competitive swim club for kids 6-18+ at all levels from entry level up to our Nationals.

NCA’s mission is to develop student athletes with great character. Teaching life lessons from competitive swimming.

NCA trains at Alga Norte Aquatics Complex in Carlsbad CA. 6565 Alicante Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009


 Who can Join?  Anyone who is interested in swimming and is the age of 5-18 years old can apply to join the NCA Swim Team. Swimmers will be assessed for admission into the NCA depending on a combination of factors such as their attitude, swimming skill level and age. 

Open enrollment for year-round intake of kids age 5 - 18yrs of diverse swim ability who have swum competitively before:

  • The assessment takes about 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Successful swimmers will be directed to complete registration
  • Basic Tryout Skills for NCA
    • Freestyle with side breathing
    • Backstroke with a good kick at the top of the water
    • Knowledge of Breaststroke and Butterfly

Tryout Readiness? On the day of the tryout, Swimmers should have swim suit goggles, a swim cap (optional), and a towel to dry off afterword.

What is the cost?   Fees schedules are dependent on the Age group and will be provided to Successful Swimmers in the new swimmer registration package.

Do I need to decide the first day? No. Successful Swimmers will be provided with timelines for registration. We may even suggest you "try" a few workouts before you register.

More questions? Email [email protected] for more information.