Our Purpose

Charlotte Ultimate Cheer is passionate about empowering young girls through the sport of cheer. We want to provide an environment where members will be safe. We will teach self-discipline, organization, leadership, integrity, and teamwork. We believe working together to achieve a common goal, creates camaraderie that will allow us to be successful.

Coach Black






As a child I was a very active. You name the sport, I did it. Well, all sports except football and cheer. I was raised in a small town called Stanley, NC. As football started to ramp up I remembered being extremely bored the prior year, so I decided I would try out for cheer to keep from being bored. I was 8 years old and b/c of my athletic capabilities at a young age, I assumed there was no sport I couldn’t do. My mom signed me up for cheer and I went to every practice eager to learn the material, as I was determined to make the team. I practiced so much around the house; my parents would yell, “sit down”. The day finally came for me to audition. I went in the gym with 4 other girls and put on a show, so I thought. I left out the audition feeling really good and excited about becoming a cheerleader. All cheerleaders and football players were told to be back at the gym at 6pm to view the roster of those who made the team. When we returned to the gym to view the roster, I took off running to the door certain my name would be on the list. I scrolled through the names very fast, but did not see my name. I decided to slow down and look carefully b/c I must have passed my name, but my name wasn’t on the Cheerleader roster. I assumed there was a mistake and perhaps my name was on the football roster in error. I began to scroll slowly through the football player’s roster, but there was no “Erica”. I immediately dropped my head in total shock. The walk back to the car felt like 8 miles. After that day I never tried out for cheer again, until I got to college. My sophomore year I decided to try out for the Luv-A-Bulls cheer team, who had just won the National Championship the previous year. I worked very hard to learn the material and was determine to give it my all come audition day. Shortly after auditioning both teams, JV and Varsity were selected. I was ecstatic to hear my name; “Erica” called for the varsity cheer team. I was officially a Luv-A-Bull!! After college I began working and pursuing a career for myself. However, I started to feel a void in my life. Because of my love for children I decided to look into volunteer work involving the youth. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to be an assistant coach for C-Meck Cowboys. Thereafter, I became Head Coach and volunteered my services for 5yrs. There’s a quote that states, “When you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life”. Hearing this quote, gave me the courage to go after my dream and do what I love, Cheer! Today I’m excited to share with you Charlotte Ultimate Cheer. I look forward to the journey ahead, empowering the youth through the sport of cheer, being active in the community, and having fun.

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