About Us
At PCA we recognize that the growing sport of All Star Cheerleading and Dance offers endless opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Each athlete is provided with experiences that embody our mission to promote learning, personal growth, and self-confidence. We recognize that no two athletes are alike; they are individuals; and need the opportunity to progress in an environment that is both nurturing as well as accepting and safe.  At the Diamond Mine we take PRIDE in our ability to provide such an environment.  We encourage all of our athletes to reach their fullest potential, by following proper progression & enforcing proper technique.
Our Mission

Our Mission at PCA is to inspire our athletes with a sense of self value, accomplishment, & success by encouraging sportsmanship, leadership, dedication, enthusiasm, & happiness. We aim to create an atmosphere that allows for us to build a solid foundation for our athletes both on & off the competitive floor.