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Aspiring Attitudes is not your typical dance studio. We are a non-profit dance studio where special needs and typical students take classes and perform side by side. We offer a unique dance experience for all involved.

Dance is movement to music that is to be enjoyed by both participant and audience. The smallest of movements is as exciting to us as the biggest of leaps. We celebrate the progress of each student based on their own unique individual achievements.

All of our students are encouraged to push boundaries and strive for new goals on an ongoing basis. Once a certain skill level is achieved, a new set of goals and skills is introduced. This can range from hitting a drum (which involves the movement of both hands), to standing without assistance, learning to follow directions, processing intricate tap steps, learning how to do multiple turns, or improving sequential memory, just to name a few.

At Aspiring Attitudes, our desire is for each student to reach their full potential, not by comparing themselves to other students, but by always striving to improve their own personal best.

We are an integrated dance studio. This gives both typical and special needs students many opportunities to grow and develop both as individuals and as part of an integrated group.

Special needs students are involved in all of the activities that the studio offers. They are given the chance to shine in group classes as well as in solos for performances. They are included in our annual dance camp, recital, local performances, and regional/national competitions. They are accepted for who they are as people and not excluded because of limitations.

Typical students learn the art of inclusion. They learn to embrace the talents and abilities of each person. They learn to smile more, hug more, and be accepting of all people. They learn to be leaders and may also find themselves learning a thing or two from the special needs students.

We are a unique dance studio that is striving to be a leader in the inclusion revolution. We believe that students should not be denied the chance to learn dance because of abilities or limitations. We are all on a road together to learn new things daily.

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By Sherry Bradshaw

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