Co-Head Coach: Mike Chavez
Howdy!! My name is Coach Mike. First name Coach, last name Mike. I am here to make a difference in the community of Orangevale, a city that I hold dear to my heart. I coach at Casa Roble HS, water polo, and swim. I have been honored to mentor and teach the young adults at Casa Roble about responsibility, integrity, and work ethic. I am excited to be working with the Tigersharks and making my impact, one sprinkle at a time. Every day you show up, all I ask is for you to smile, try your best, and more importantly HAVE FUN!! I will always: believe in you, be here for you, and cheer you on along your journey this summer in the shark tank. Come every day with your listening ears and you will walk away from the pool as a determined Tigershark, hungry to learn more. I have a special education background where I do my best to promote the best learning environment for your child and I believe swim is the PERFECT sport for all to learn and grow in the sport. I truly believe anyone can swim who has the eagerness to learn, a smile on their face, and the will to succeed. Yes, we have to start somewhere, and in everyday life we are not perfect. But if you stay with a good foundation, there is only one direction and that’s moving FORWARD in a positive manner!!
Co-Head Coach: James Coulter
Hey TigerSharks! My name is James and I'm excited to be coaching y'all this year. I am 20 years old, and I've been swimming for about 11 years. I first started swimming at Tigersharks until I was 13 and then I moved to the Wolverine Aquatics Club where I finished out high school. I am now swimming for Sierra College (Go Wolverines!), and I am so excited to share what I've learned from this sport and have an awesome summer with all y'all. See you on the pool deck!