UPAC Masters Swimming!

Aaron Hughes

Hi Sharks!


UPAC is in the final steps of adding a US Master Swimming group (for athletes aged 18+)! What we need now, is enough swimmers, swammers looking to make an epic comeback, triathletes, etc, to make the team feasible. If you are interested, or know of someone who may be, we are using the Google Form below to collect information. Please feel free to spread the word!


Team Notes:

  • UPAC masters swimming members must be in good standing with U.S. Masters Swimming (governing body), and registered with the University Place Aquatic Club.

  • Practices will be held 3 days per week, 5:30am - 7:00am, at the Curtis Aquatic Center in University Place. 

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, will be the primary practice schedule, but seasonal adjustments may be made based on the schedules of the high school programs. 

  • Monthly dues are projected at $110.00 per month.

  • Team will be coached by Ryan Retana, a USA Swimming Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience.

  • No competitive swimming experience is necessary! Coaches will work with individuals to help them meet their personal goals - whether that is learning the basics of the 4 swimming strokes, general fitness, or gearing up for a triathlon!

  • There will be opportunities for members to compete in USMS swim meets, but participation is NOT required.


UPAC Masters Swimming Interest Form  


Thank you, 


Coach Aaron


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