CLICK THIS LINK FOR - Winter 2023 Swim School Registration


Winter 2023 Session is 8 Weeks straight
January 7th - February 26th
NO WEEKENDS OFF for MLK or President Holidays

Please understand that make-ups are not guaranteed for missed class due to travel or time conflict. Illness accompanied with a Dr. note will receive a makeup within the same session. Email [email protected] for make-up requests in the Winter 2023 session. Detailed Make-up policy is outlined in the online agreements at check out.

There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee included in the overall dues.

Swim Level Summary:

Mommy & Me (6 months to 35 months) swimmer in water with an adult guardian. Water Comfort, Play & Safety Training

Dolphin (3 – 5 years) NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Swimmers wear a bubble and are introduced to basics of swimming and water safety

Sunfish (5-6 years) Continue Dolphin lessons, bubble used as needed. Water comfort, safety skills. Freestyle introduced & Back Float introduced.

Level 2 (6-15 years) NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Introduction to swimming and water safety

Level 3 (6-15 years) Requirement: Student can swim unassisted 5-10 yards, competitive strokes freestyle/backstroke taught, others introduced

Level 4 (6-15 years) Requirement: Student can swim unassisted 25 yards or full length of pool. All competitive strokes refined

Privates Lessons any age and ability 40 minutes with one instructor. Schedule for privates will go up weekly per instructor availability.

If the class you want is closed, please sign up for the waitlist. We will provide classes according to the demand of signups and waitlist.


Please email: [email protected] for any questions on Swim Lessons