Click This Link to Register: FALL I 2023 SWIM SCHOOL REGISTRATION

Sept 9th - October 22nd (7 Weeks)
Queens College - Sat & Sun
Woodside - Sat & Sun
Roslyn - Saturday Only
QCC - TBD possible Tue/Thu


Please note: make-ups are not guaranteed for missed class due to travel or time conflict. Illness accompanied with a Dr. note will receive a makeup within the same session. Email [email protected] for make-up requests in the FALL I 2023 session. Detailed Make-up policy is outlined in the online agreements at check out.

$50 of the dues are non-refundable as a registration fee.

Swim Level Summary:

Caregiver & Me (6 months to 35 months) swimmer in water with an adult guardian. Water Comfort, Play & Safety Training

Dolphin (3 – 5 years) NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Swimmers wear a bubble and are introduced to basics of swimming and water safety

Sunfish (5-6 years) Continue Dolphin lessons, bubble used as needed. Water comfort, safety skills. Freestyle introduced & Back Float introduced.

Level 2 (6-15 years) NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Introduction to swimming and water safety

Level 3 (6-15 years) Requirement: Student can swim unassisted 5-10 yards, competitive strokes freestyle/backstroke taught, others introduced

Level 4 (6-15 years) Requirement: Student can swim unassisted 25 yards or full length of pool. All competitive strokes refined

Pre-Team (6-15 years) Requirement: Completion of Level 4 or equal class. 60 Minutes 2xs a week. A more competitive approach and next step in swim training. Clink link for registration details: *PRE-TEAM SUMMER SESSION WILL BE POSTED SOON* QC, SEBS, ROSLYN & QCC

If the class you want is closed, please sign up for the waitlist. We will provide classes according to the demand of signups and waitlist.


Please email: [email protected] for any questions on Swim Lessons