Grinning Gators is our pre-swim team option. It is the best way for our youngest Gators to prepare to join the competitive side of swim team in the coming years.


Both sessions are full and we are on waitlists. Please make sure that you click on the waitlist for the session you want to choose (AM or PM- they are different forms!) and read the details on the form carefully so that we have your correct information. 





$75 per child

10 lessons 

June 10-July 1st


Grinning Gators is perfect for...

  • swimmers that are at least 3 years old
  • swimmers that can stand in the shallow end of the pool
  • swimmers that are excited to learn and can take instruction
  • parents that are comfortable giving space to their swimmer and the coaches


Grinning Gators swimmers are divided by ability and learn basics in a group setting with our coaches.  If your child is struggling to be comfortable in the water, they may be put in a separate group in the shallowest part of the pool so that they can feel safe and ease into the program without stressing the other swimmers out, despite their ability level. We want to create an environment during grinning gators that allows coaches to give each swimmer an ample amount of attention and instruction safely. 

If you are unsure which group is the best fit, please sign up for GG because spots are limited. We will have swim tests on the first day it is warm enough for water practice and we will move swimmers as needed! The "end of season" celebration for the swim team will include Grinning Gators to show off their skills and get to feel the whole team cheering for them just like a real meet! 


Grinning Gators Schedule

There will be TWO separate sessions of GG that run concurrently. You must choose one session and cannot switch back and forth. This is to maintain the correct numbers and make sure we have the right amount of coaches to keep everyone safe and progressing. We recommend swimmers come to every practice in your session and we ask that you drop your child with their coach and then give your child plenty of room to learn (ie do not sit directly behind them or continue to talk to them while they are in the pool!). There are a total of 10 practices for GG and we will make every effort to have makeups for weather etc.