NAKOMA Pool Manager and Coaches

Pool Manager Dan Urben

[email protected]
Swim Coach Theo Wolf

[email protected]
Dive Coach David Kirkland

[email protected]
Assistant Swim Coaches Izzy Enz
Court Flanigan
Anna teDuits
Nolan Weygant
Siobhan Ferris
Amelia Gregor
Jesse Drake
Assistant Dive Coach Victoria Rodriguez


NAKOMA Pool Committee

If you are interested in being on the pool committee, please contact the Chairperson.

Pool Committee Chair Katie Burke

[email protected]
All City Representative Jennifer Gregor

[email protected]
TeamUnify Admin and Meet Director Mike Gregor

[email protected]
★ Volunteer Coordinator
Donna Campanelli

[email protected]
Dive Team Representative
★ Second Harvest Coordinator
Lauren Marcu

[email protected]
Member Rick Coad
Member Kathy Giswold
Member Karrie Julian
Member Anne Rodriguez
Member Haley Weygandt
Nakoma Board Liason Clint Walkner
Nakoma Clubhouse Manager and Pool Liason Krys Wachowiak

[email protected]