Before submitting your membership application for Greenwyche Pool, please make sure to read the Greenwyche Club, Inc. Bylaws.

Summer 2023 the one-time membership joining fee is $200.

(to be paid yearly, due by April 1)

$550 (Family Membership)
$350 (Adult Membership, no dependents in household) 

Annual dues should be paid by April 1, and are considered late on May 1.
A late fee of $50 will be incurred after May 15.

A 1-time "Summer Only" Membership is also available if Membership cap is reached. Please inquire if you have a special circumstance.

Once we receive your online Membership Application, we will invoice you via email for the Joining Fee and Annual Membership Dues, which can be paid electronically, or via check. Payment options are available.

Online you will be asked to verify that you have read and understand the Greenwyche Club, Inc. Bylaws and understand our membership rules and responsibilities, that you will abide by them, and follow all guest policies. 

 If you have questions regarding membership options, please e-mail.


Mail Full and Adult Membership Dues to:

Greenwyche Club, Inc.

Attn: Treasurer

PO BOX 2824

Huntsville, AL  35804

Contact Treasurer here.


Submit New Membership Paperwork:

Online Application Here

You will be contacted via email upon receipt.

Once approved you will be contacted by the Treasurer for billing.

Contact Membership Chair here.