Wexford Leas Swim Club

Home of the Wexford Whales


The Wexford Leas Swim Team is composed of 2 different levels:  Junior Whales and Whales.


Junior Whales

Junior Whales are our developing swimmers who can complete 25m of freestyle and backstroke but may not know legal breaststroke or butterfly.  This group begins practice in June after school ends from 11-11:45 AM.  The focus is on technique to develop legal strokes, starts, and finishes.  All Junior Whales are welcome to compete in "B" meets during the summer swim season.  These meets are usually for our 12 and under kids who prefer competing in a less competitive atmosphere.  There are no disqualifications and the meets are informal.  These meets are typically on Wednesday evenings for 2-2.5 hours.  Junior Whales may also have the chance to swim in "A" meets.  Coach Reggie will give further information on those opportunities. 


The Whale group is for swimmers with legal technique on all four strokes.  This group begins daily after school practice on Tuesday, May 30th.  Once school ends, practice for this group moves to the mornings.  The focus of this group is development of technique for speed and endurance.  Our Whales compete in "A" meets which occur on Saturday mornings.  These meets are competitive with our fastest swimmers swimming their best strokes.  Whales 12 and under can also swim in "B" meets.  This is an opportunity for them to swim a weaker stroke that they may not be as comfortable doing in a competitive setting. 


All new swimmers will need evaluations prior to practice to ensure appropriate group placement.  Although it may seem clear in which group your child belongs, Coach Reggie still wants to see every new swimmer to make sure there are no issues regarding their safety in the water prior to beginning practice as a group.  All swimmers also need to be members of the pool.  

The distinction between Junior Whales and Whales are more pronounced at the start of the season.  Most 7 and under will start in Junior Whales with practices in June.  This is the ideal introduction to team as the water at the end of May is cold and less inviting.  Please know that just because a child starts in Junior Whales, it doesn't mean that they will stay there.  The daily swim practices result in a dramatic improvement in times and technique from the start to the end of summer, and Junior Whales will often move up to Whales throughout the season.  Please reach out if you need further clarification.