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The Belwood Dolphins Swim Team is comprised of children, ages 5 to 18, living in and around the Belwood neighborhood of Los Gatos, California. Belwood has been part of the Valley Cabana Swim League (VCSL) since 1999. The other teams in the league include: Almaden Country Club, Los Paseos Aquatic Club, Montevideo, Oaktree Park Swim Team and Silver Creek Country Club.

The season usually begins in mid-April with tryouts for new members and ends in mid July with the VCSL Champs meet. Practice is held up to 5 days a week at the Belwood Cabana pool in the afternoon while school is in session and in the mornings once summer vacation is underway.

Our first swim meet is Time Trials in late May followed by five dual meets against the five other teams in the league. Check out our "Team FAQ" for more info about the Swim Team.

The Belwood Swim Team also offers a "Fall Swim" session that is not part of the official swim team, but allows swimmers an opportunity to swim in the Belwood pool, participate in time-trial events, and compete agaist the clock to improve thier personal lap times. Check out the "Fall Swim FAQ" for more info on the fall session opportunities. 

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Belwood Swim Lessons

Starting the week of June 10th our coaches will host lessons in a small group setting.  This is a great time to get specific instruction on dives, turns, and stroke technique.

Lessons are Monday through Wednesday and are 30 minutes long. Lessons will have a start time of 11:30am or 12:00pm. Each session will cost $75 per child.

Session Dates
Session 1 - June 10-12
Session 2 - June 17-19
Session 3 - June 24-26
Session 4 - July 1-3

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