Big Congrats to Judah , recipient of 2023 PMS Appreciation Award

Yvonne Lo

Congratulations to Judah Grossman for receiving 2023 Pacific Masters Swimming Appreciation Award! Thanks to Judah for establishing us as an independent swim team. By filing with the state, Judah formed our nonprofit swim team in 2021. With the guidance from volunteer attorney, John Davis, he drafted and finalized our team’s bylaws. He formed the Board of Directors and guided meeting agendas such as
setting membership dues and choosing practice times. He secured an accountant for our taxes and pay stubs and found an HR firm to give employee on board training and put together Employee handbook. As President, he delegated duties to head coach and board members such as opening a bank account for the team. 
Judah was the initial contact with the city to negotiate lane rental. Also, prior to starting membership to the team, he researched and recommended an online membership management tool and secured our web domain address. These are just some of the tasks he carried out prior to our start in April 2022 at the brand new North Natomas Aquatics Complex. Big thank you to Judah for all you did and all you do! You definitely are deserving of this award.

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