The emphasis of SwimAmerica of Gainesville (SAOG) is to teach proper swim techniques while learning basic water safety in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Jill Wilby, the program's director, has been teaching children in Gainesville to swim for over 20 years. As young as age 3, children are taught in small groups and move up to progressively higher levels as they achieve the goals of their current group.

The number one goal of SAOG is to teach your child to really swim, increasing the chance of surviving in the event of a water emergency. The second goal is to teach them to swim well by emphasizing correct competitive swimming techniques from the start—streamline, body rotation, and bilateral side-breathing are just a few of the skills taught at SwimAmerica of Gainesville.

Lessons are offered year-round, and all of SAOG's pools are heated.

If your child is interested in joining Gator Swim Club, year-round participation in lessons is important!

We hope to see you at the pool!

SwimAmerica of Gainesville Levels:

  • Level 0: Non-swimmer
  • Level 1: Water adaptation, introduce bubbles, gradual submersion of face, back float with assistance, streamline kicking with assistance
  • Level 2: Independent submersion of the face, blowing bubbles, and skills in level 1
  • Level 3: Streamline kicking for short distance independently with face in water, independent back float, rolling from front to back, introduce freestyle arm strokes, and skills in level 1 and 2
  • Level 4: Streamline kicking on front and back for short distance independently, introduce side breathing, freestyle arm strokes, and skills in levels 1-3
  • Level 5: Freestyle arm strokes with side breathing, backstroke arms, treading water, and skills in levels 1-4
  • Level 6: Freestyle with side breathing, full backstroke, introduction of butterfly kick, and skills from level 1-5
  • Level 7: Introduction of butterfly arm strokes and breaststroke kick and pull, and skills from levels 1-6
  • Levels 8-10: Technique refinement in all four strokes, extended swimming, and correct turns; swimmers who graduate from Level 10 are eligible to join Gator Swim Club



June-July classes at UF and summer classes at the 300 Club are underway!

If you are interested in joining for a partial session, you can get onto the waitlists or e-mail Jill Wilby for availability.


We will not have classes at UF in August, but will start again in September.

If you are interested in being on the mailing list for September registration, e-mail the Lesson Administrator.



O'Connell Center
250 Gale Lemerand Drive
(corner of Gale Lemerand and Stadium Road)

Sun Country Sports Center
333 S.W. 140th Terrace

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