Para Swimming Programs

The Steadward Bears Para Swimming Team engages athletes experiencing disability to develop competitive swimming skills. With the support of qualified coaches and Adapted Physical Activity Consultants, and with the support of the University of Alberta varsity swim team, this program will develop individualized programs that focus on stroke-specific skills for athletes. The Steadward Bears supports athletes who are new to the sport of swimming as well as with aspirations to compete at provincial and national levels. The Steadward Bears Para Swimming Team is inclusive of all individuals experiencing disability interested in developing competitive swimming skills.

Para Swimming Competitive

The para swimming competitive group is a competition-focused program for individuals who are looking for a more intense training environment that may include participating in swimming competitions. Training four times a week, swimmers will be able to challenge their abilities and work towards individual goals, whether they are to compete regionally, provincially, nationally, or to swim for fitness and health.The para swimming competitive group is for swimmers interested in swimming multiple days a week, and that may be interested in competition opportunities. We ask that swimmers can swim 50m independently before joining this group. 

Para Swimming Development

The para swimming development group is for swimmers looking to develop stronger swimming skills, and build endurance and strength. You will learn the basics of swimming with individualized programs and knowledgeable coaches and volunteers. This program has an individualized focus that works with the goals of each swimmer; whether that is to learn and develop competencies in a variety of swim strokes, or at some point be competing in swim meets. We ask that swimmers can swim 25m independently before joining this group.