Spartans of La Canada 

Training Groups


Lessons: We offer private and group lessons. Lessons can be tailored for new swimmers to older, seasoned swimmers trying to perfect a turn or stroke. Pricing for lessons will depend on the individual swimmer’s need. Please email us to set up a call or meeting.


Speedwagon: Young swimmers who need to learn the strokes of competitive swimming but can get across the pool via doggy paddle or sidestroke. This group is an introduction to competitive swimming. Swimmers will practice 3-4 times a week.  $135/month


Sharknado: 14 and under swimmers who can swim a 50 freestyle and a 25 of each of the other three competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. A swimmer in this training group must have the ability to “circle swim” and have backstroke flag counts. Swimmers will practice 4-6 times a week. $140/month


Phoenix: 14 and under swimmers who have experience with competitive swimming, are competent in all four competitive strokes and are serious about improving in the sport. Swimmers will practice 5-6 times a week. $145/month


The Kraken: Accomplished competitive swimmers with a demonstrated commitment to the sport of swimming through practice attendance and an interest in improving the fine details of stroke technique. These athletes will have experience participating in swim meets with prelims and finals. Swimmers will practice 5-6 times per week. $145/month.    


Team Mario: 14 and over swimmers who are new to the sport and want to learn more in a fun and friendly environment. Swimmers will practice 5-6 times a week$155/month


Hilltop Fighters: Experienced competitive swimmers of high school age who want to stay in good shape, compete in meets when schedules allow and improve in the sport of swimming. Swimmers will practice 5-6 times a week$180/month


Condors: Highly experienced competitive swimmers who aspire to swim in college and see swimming as their primary extracurricular activity. Swimmers will practice 5-7 times a week$210/month