Get Fit & Stay Fit with Daily Lap Swimming at Topspin Outdoor Pool in Lexington, SC

If you are looking to improve your workout routine, be sure to check out Topspin’s year-round Lap Swim Options for Adults (18-0ver) and to learn more about membership offerings and the hours of availability.

Who:  Adult Lap Swimmers, Triathletes, Multi-Sport adults, or Master Swimmers.

Why:  Adult lap swimming provides a full-body workout that targets the core, arms, back, and legs. It also provides swimmers with access to various training methods including strength training, aerobic training, and low-impact training. 

How:  Complete the registration process.  Email the Coach Pam Swander @ [email protected] to set up an orientation of the facility.  At the 15-minute orientation you will receive a gate code and a tour of the facility.  After the orientation you will be set to begin.

Registration:  If you hold a 2024 Topspin Summer Pool Membership, your Adult Lap membership is included in your summer membership for (2) adults in the household.  Non-Topspin pool Members have three memberships options to choose from.  EVERYONE must register and sign off on agreements.:


Adult Lap Swim Off Season Hours


OFF SEASON:  After Labor Day- to opening day Memorial Weekend

IN SEASON:  Memorial Open through Labor Day

*Monday through Friday: Lap Lanes are available before or after the high school team early morning practices until 3:30pm and after 7:30pm,


Monday through Friday before 6:30am and after 8:00pm.

Saturdays: noon- 5:00p

Sundays: noon-5:00p


Saturdays: after 8:00pm

Sundays:  after 8:00pm

*Topspin pool is not available for lap swimming Monday- Friday 4:00p-7:30p, Saturdays 7:30-noon.

*Topspin pool is not available for lap swim during Carolina Aquatics pool partners scheduled events. Notice when scheduled will be emailed.

 Adult Lap Swim Program Dues

 Topspin Pool Membership- 2 adults per household

$O  (Expires Topspin’s Opening day 2024)

Non-Topspin Pool Member- ANNUAL-per person


Non-Topspin Pool Member- OFF SEASON- per person


Non-Topspin Pool Member- IN SEASON- per person