2023 Carolina Aquatics Service Squad Program

"Athlete Driven, Parent Sponsored, Team Supported"

2023 Service Squad Officers:  Tommy Spurgeon, Ellie Porter, Patrick Quirk, Ford White

Parent Sponsors: Stephanie Underwood, Rachael Whitaker

At Carolina Aquatics, we understand that swimming is not just a sport but also a powerful tool for personal growth and development.  Our student-athletes recognize the privilege they have in pursuing their passion and the opportunities it provides them.  It is this sense of gratitude that has inspired them to create the Service Squad Program that extends beyound the pool, allowing our members to use their skills and dedication to make a meaningful difference in the wider community.

CA's Service Squad program is designed to foster a sense of social responsibility and empathy amoung our members.  Through community service events, we aim to instill values such as compassion, leadership and teamwork.  By engaging in community service events, we provide our student-athletes the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and the challenges faced by others.

Through our community service initiatives, we aim to create a well-rounded swim club that nurtures both athletic excellence and social consciounsness.  We believe that by coumbining our love for swimming with the desire to serve, we can shape responsible and compassionate individuals who are not only successful in the pool but also in their communty.

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