Aquatics Programs 
for the 
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Community and Beyond!

Heights Tigersharks is a swim program committed to the empowerment of young athletes with an emphasis on developing physical and mental strength and wellness. The program strives for high standards of character, performance, and team unity to achieve individual and team excellence. With fundamental aquatics at its core, Heights Tigersharks provides all levels of training and access, from crucial safety skills to elite competitve swimming. Heights Tigersharks is a unified and inclusive program for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights community and beyond!

Heights Tigersharks competition teams are geared toward swimmers with established skills. However, we offer avenues of inclusive programming for youths at any level to gain comfort and learn vital safety skills in the water. Those who are learning to swim the length of the pool or who are unable to compete in meets, are welcomed and are recognized as an important part of the swim community, and are encouraged to build their skills via Tigersharks lessons and/or the Cleveland Heights Department of Parks & Recreation’s Learn-to-Swim classes.

Heights Tigersharks is a fun, exciting, and challenging program, designed to provide young athletes with the tools to unlock their courage, respond productively to adversity, create lasting friendships, build lifelong skills, and develop a love for the sport of swimming!