Tara Wood 
I started tumbling at the age of 8 and eventually became a member of the competitive team, traveling to nearby states to compete on the rod floor, trampoline and double mini trampoline. At the age of 15, I started coaching preschool classes which is still one of my favorite programs to coach to this day. I have coached now for 22 years and coached all programs including parent child, preschool, T&T, warriors and the competitive Team. I also enjoy coaching the Norweigan Dancers every summer. In 2009, I became owner of Stoughton Tumblers and grew the business to what you see today. Having two small daughters of my own, I am very busy keeping them happy and healthy and working full time as a special education teacher at Riverbluff Middle School. Teaching tumbling is one of my passions and I am so thankful you decided to support my small business dream! 
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