Personal & Athletic Development

The Yorktown Swim Club (YSC) is a year-round competitive swim team offering instruction, training and competition to people of all ages and abilities. If this is your first experience with competitive swimming, we are sure you will find it exciting. Swimming is an outstanding physical activity for everyone and can be a lifetime sport. You do not have to be a “natural” to become a good competitive swimmer, since coordination in the water can be developed with practice over time. Because each race is timed, the progress of the swimmer can be measured exactly. Each swim can be a winning one when the swimmer improves his/her time. It should be understood that not every swimmer can become an Olympic champion; however, every participant can develop a proficiency in the water and can gain from the experience.


Person First

In working with children and youth, we recognize that they are exactly that, children and youth. We recognize the privilege of working with them in order to help uncover their character, build perseverance, and learn skills like sportsmanship. Additionally, their family and friends are important and so is making time for those relationships.

Student (also) First

Equally important is the understanding that our young athletes are a student first who must focus on making grades, excelling in their studies, and balancing the dynamics of school. We make space and prioritize your students academic success as a first priority.

Athlete Second

Athletic competition and fitness goal are why they are swimming. When they are here, we will help them to push hard, train fiercely, learn to strategically swim, and master the strokes and techniques that will make them successful.

*Yorktown Swim Club is happy to offer a discount to our athletes who are on the free and reduced lunch program.  Please email our secretary to get that applied.*