When will practice start?

Our first official practice is September 6th


Do I have to be a Bridge member?

No, swim team members are not required to also sign up for a Bridge Sports Complex membership. However, this does mean that those swimmers will only have access to the facility during their scheduled practice time.


Are there any discounts available?

Yes! The Bridge Platinum members will receive a 10% discount. Families with multiple children will also receive a discount, 5% for the second child, 10% for a third child and 15% for a fourth child. The additional child discount will automatically be credited to your account at the time of billing. 


If I’m not swimming in meets do I still have to pay for a USA Swimming membership?

Yes! Per USA Swimming rules all athletes participating on a USA Swimming registered team must be members for safety and insurance purposes.


Do I have to sign up in the fall to be on the team?

No. We will have open registration throughout the season, and you may join at any point.


Once I sign up am I committed for the entire season?

No. You will be able to freeze you account at any time if you need to take some time off or suspend your account if you do not plan on returning.


Is there a meet schedule yet?

The meet schedule can be found under the swim meet tab. Our first meet is Oct 8th and 9th. 


Do I have to attend meets?

We encourage all of our swimmers to attend as many meets on our schedule as possible. However, we understand there are circumstances that don’t make it possible to compete. If you have an issue with attending meets please have a conversation with the coaching staff so we can best accommodate your needs.