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2023 AMS Long Course Swim Season:     Click Here for AMS Meets that NAC will be attending.


Norwin Aqua Club is a member of Allegheny Mountain Swimming.  If you are interested in joining USA swimming,
please speak to one of the coaches.

Swimmers must be currently registered members of USA Swimming prior to entering USA Swimming meets.


What is Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS)?


Mission Statement of Allegheny Mountain Swimming

Competitive swimming inspires athletes to dream big, work hard and achieve great things. AMS provides the framework and resources to develop competitive swimmers whose passion for the sport lasts a lifetime.

Allegheny Mountain Swimming (also known as AMS) is a division of the USA Swimming organization.  It is comprised of 48 area swim clubs and two university swim clubs in our area. AMS meets are held throughout the area.  Many of these swim meets have USA Swimming time qualifications based upon the USA swimming age group time standards, and there are a few meets that have no qualifying times to help swimmers achieve times in the USA swimming database. As a swimmer achieves faster times they can qualify for USA swimming sanctioned meets throughout the country.  

Allegheny Mountain Swimming develops strong, competitive swimmers, provides the opportunity to meet swimmers from other clubs and states, and creates a USA swimming database for each swimmer.

If you are interested in joining Allegheny Mountain Swimming you must complete the following steps:

1. Talk to a coach about being AMS approved.


2. Once you have a coach's approval you must create a USA Swimming account at . Then you will be sent an "invitation to register" link from our club. Through this link you can register online with USA Swimming.


3. Pay the USA Swimming registration fee online.  The Membership fee for the 2023 season is $88 (memberships are valid through 12/31/2023).


4. Sign up for the first open meet of the short course or long course season, so your swimmer can achieve times in their events for the USA Swimming database. Remember you cannot swim in some of the AMS meets without having an existing time in an event in the USA Swimming database.  Times achieved in the Chestnut Ridge League are not in the USA Swimming database.  Varsity Swimming times are also not USA Swimming times. There are only two meets in the Varsity Swim Season that are accepted into the USA Swimming database, and this is only if you are AMS registered prior to swimming at the meets. These meets are the WPIAL championships, and PIAA Swimming Championships.


6. Please be aware that each time you sign up for an AMS meet there will be a fee for each event you swim (depending on the meet host it can range from $5 to $10 an event), and meet entry fees.