Norwin Aqua Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of NAC to offer age-specific and ability-specific training for all of our athletes. The training is geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.



This is our entry level group. An athlete need not be able to initially swim all strokes to enter this group. The Aqua Academy focuses on the mechanical techniques involved with the four competitive strokes, their associated starts, turns and finishes.  The swimming student experiences a small coach-to-swimmer ratio.  The instruction is provided in a low-key setting.  There is no athletic training or formal conditioning provided through this program.  The program is designed to prepare the swimmer who successfully completes the program for the progression to the entry level on the Norwin Aqua Club.  All classes are held at the Norwin High School pool.

Aqua Academy Coordinator:  A member of the Norwin Aqua Club Coaching Staff

Workout Days/Times: TBD



After completing Aqua Academy, athletes move into this group. Athletes in this group focus mainly on learning the four legal competitive strokes, having fun, and perfecting start and turn technique.

Workout Days/Times: Daily for one hour




From the Old Otters, athletes move into this group. Athletes in this group are usually at least 10 years old and have completed the Otter move-up skills list. This group has more extensive dryland workouts and begin endurance training.

Workout Days/Times: Daily for 90 minutes




There are minimum time standards to move up into the Shark group. Athletes entering this group must display a desire to begin training on a more committed basis.

Workout Days/Times: Daily for two hours



This group is designed to take the "advanced" swimmer and develop their ability to compete at the upper level of competition. Swimming fundamentals will be a part of every workout. Workouts will be designed for a higher level of intensity, individuality, and complex ability. 


Workout Days/Times: Daily for two hours