All children deserve to participate in an environment that is safe, supportive, welcoming and fun. They deserve to enjoy a program that enriches, encourages and empowers their curiosity, confidence and sense of belonging. In order to do that, programming must engage children and teach skills in a well-planned, deliberate way. 


Our #heartforward programming means just that - Heart Forward. A child's growth and development is heavily influenced by their external environment. Programming families choose will have an impact in the way their children grow into the world. 


Every child has something special to offer to a team environment that celebrates every child's uniqueness within it's culture. We want to be part of making positive impacts in the lives of our participants that extend beyond the physical aspects of sport. 


Relationships, including friendships and connections with coaches, is an important tool on the path of impactful learning and education. Our hope is our special participants find a life-long love of swimming and continue on in our program for many years to come.