Regina Marlins Spring Icebreaker

Sean Maxwell

Regina Marlins Spring Icebreaker Results, April 6-7, 2024.

Records Update:

Wesley Henderson broke four club records: 50 and 100 Breast, 100 Back and 100 Free!  Way to go Wesley, as those were some old records!


Quinn Baht, 9

50 Breast, 1:02.75, 38th ; 100 Back, 1:45.53, 25th – 10 year old Festival time

50 Free, 42.25, 31st – 9 year old Festival Time; 50 Fly, 52.69, 23rd; 50 Back, 48.74, 30th 10 

Year old Festival Time; 200 Free, 3:16.41, 21st

Quinn’s results are coming from a lot of hard work and confidence in herself!  She went from 0 to 3 Festival Times this weekend, including 2 Ten-year-old Festival Times!  Her strokes look fantastic, and her endurance has really come a long way with a great improvement in everything she did!

Sophie Baht, 12

50 Breast, 43.00, 3rd – 12 year old Trials time; 50 Free, 32.90, 4th  - 12 year old Trials Time

200 IM, 3:02.04, 4th – 12 year old Trials Time; 100 Free, 1:14.20, 4th – 12 Year old Trials Time

100 Breast, 1:35.62, 4th – 12 year old Trials Time; 200 Free, 2:44.62, 6th

Sophie swam a hard group of events over 2 sessions, including a couple of 200’s, after doing a broken 400 IM earlier on Saturday at practice.  She looked great in all her races this weekend and made some new long course trials times while doing so!

Kaden Goffinet, 15

50 Breast, 37.48, 1st - 14 & 15 Trials Time; 50 Free, 29.56, 2nd

200 IM, 2:42.44, 1st; 50 Fly, 34.92, 2nd; 100 Free, 1:03.67, 1st – 14&15 Trials Time; 100 Breast,

1:22.68, 1st – 14&15 Trials Time

Kaden performed his usual consistent times by racing through his events, taking off time and really showing how both his speed and endurance have increased!  He has already come such a long way this year!            

Wesley Henderson, 7

50 Breast, 59.15, 34th – 8 year old Festival Time; 100 Back, 1:47.96, 28th – 10 year old

Festival Time; 50 Free, 47.83, 48th; 100 Free, 1:43.55, 25th; 50 Back, 56.09, 45th; 100 Breast,

2:08.42, 28th    - 8 Year Old Festival Time


Wesley had such a great meet!  Her enthusiasm is contagious around her, and she loves to get in and race against herself! She now has 3 Festival Times, 2 of which are for 10-year-olds!  Great job Wesley!

Kemah Kohlman, 16

100 Fly, 1:35.20, 8th; 100 Back, 1:33.61, 14th; 50 Free, 33.88, 7th; 50 Fly, 39.95, 9th

100 Free, 1:20.87, 10th; 50 Back, 41.41, 12th

Coach Kemah has been practicing all year in the mornings as part of the senior group.  Her hard work and consistent effort have paid off and she was able to do several best times, including a full 6 second drop in her 100 Fly!  Awesome job Kemah!

Mckenna Lux, 13

50 Breast, 57.04, 29th; 100 Back, 1:54.16, 31st; 50 Free, 41.88, 30th; 50 Fly, 51.39, 20th; 50 Back, 50.66, 34th; 200 Free, 3:18.73, 23rd

McKenna swam so well this weekend!  Her strokes and her endurance have come far since last year.  She is doing all four strokes very well, and she took off so much time in her events that it is hard to add it all up.  The one I will mention specifically is the 27 second drop in her 200 Free, though, to give anyone reading this a clue. So, well done McKenna!

Zoe Peterson, 8

50 Free, 1:11.53, 73; 100 Free, 2:27.59, 50th; 50 Back, 1:12.90, 63rd

Zoe continued to work hard in all her events.  You can really tell how far her backstroke and freestyle have come in her first year of swimming competitively!  She is always so positive on deck, listens to instructions and has a great time being with her friends.

Kage Senft, 15

100 Fly, 1:06.33, 1st; 50 Free, 26.31, 1st; 50 Fly, 28.92, 1st; 50 Back, 32.26, 1st

200 Free, 2:11.15, 1st

Kage performed very well, especially considering that the blocks at this pool did not have the new wedges which power him through his starts.  He came very close to best times in most events, but importantly took 0.35 seconds off his 50 Fly, which is a great swim for this early in the long course season!



Connor Tweten, 11

50 Breast, 55.62, 10th; 100 Back, 1:51.47, 14th; 50 Free, 41.82, 22nd; 100 Free, 1:32.94, 14th;

50 Back, 52.78, 18th; 200 Free, 3:17.81, 8th

Connor is showing consistent improvement and really loves to race!  He took off so much time in his events, and demonstrated how much endurance he has in his longer events, especially his 200 Free!  His strokes have also come so far this year and he is always ready to go!

Oliver Tweten, 8

50 Breast, 1:02.25, 17th; 100 Back, 2:12.19, 25th; 50 Free, 54.80, 32nd

100 Free, 1:59.26, 23rd; 50 Back, 1:05.59, 29th; 100 Breast, 2:20.21, 11th

Oliver, not to be outdone by his older brother, swam some great races as well!  Oliver listens to race instructions and knows what he must do when he dives in.  His times are getting much faster, and he was so positive all weekend.  If you are around with Oliver and Coach Sean, see if you can get them to do an impression of dribbling a basketball!

Isabel Unreiner, 14

50 Breast, 47.71, 15th; 100 Back, 1:32.70, 13th; 50 Fly, 44.27, 13th; 50 Back, 42.42, 16th

200 Free, 2:55.79, 13th

Izzy had a great meet, showing her speed and strength in all of her races, and getting all best times.  She went under 3 minutes for the first-time long course in her 200 free, and cheered on everyone when she wasn’t in the pool.  Great weekend Izzy!

Hazel Vossler, 12

50 Breast, 58.42, 31st; 100 Back, 1:51.09, 29th; 50 Free, 45.18, 36th

Hazel has not gone to many meets this year, but she showed a huge improvement and the joy of success that we all hope she goes to more meets!  Her strokes have come a long way this year, and her speed is amazing.  She may have surprised herself a few times when she heard how much time she took off, and that motivated her for the next race!  Great weekend, Hazel!