UCSC Dino Cup Results


What an amazing weekend at the University of Calgary’s Dino Cup.   The Dino Cup is a developmental swim meet for 11 & under boys and 10 & under girls, which make this a fun and exciting event.  We had 15 swimmers attend and for 5 of these swimmers this was their first meet ever. I am so proud of every one of our swimmers.  There were so many firsts and learning opportunities that presented themselves to all of our swimmers and they all handled them so well.  They helped and cheered each other on the entire weekend.  

Here are their accomplishments.

New Club Records

Wesley Henderson

7y/o 50BK - 52.82 breaking Grace Jacobs 56.28 from 2013.

New Qualifications

Quinn Baht 

50 Fly - 9y/o SC Festivals Time; 50.38
50 Free - 9y/o SC Festivals Time; 41.36
50 Back - 9y/o SC Festivals Time; 48.82
100 Free - 10 y/o SC Festivals Time; 1:34.19
100 Back - 10 y/o SC Festivals Time; 1:44.73


Connor Tweten

50 Breast - 11y/o SC Festivals Time; 54.22


7 & Under Girls

Avery Tweten (6)

100 Free - 2:32.12, 13th    25 Back - 35.41, 14th      50 Breast - 1:34.70, 10th    

25 Free - 28.18, 16th      25 Fly - 38.91, 4th        50 Free - 1:06.31, 15th

Avery is always ready to go! Avery listened to all of our instructions and would do it with a smile on her face.  You can tell that she loves to swim and a happy swimmer is a fast swimmer!!  She got 4 new best times in 100, 50, 25 Free and 25 Fly.  Keep up working hard in practice.

Blayke Bennett (7)

25 Back - 35.60, 15th      25 Free - 34.60, 23rd        50 Free - 1:21.03, 22nd

This was Blayke’s first swim meet ever and she handled it so well.  She raced hard and fast this weekend.  Like Avery, Blayke always had a smile on her face and listened so well.  She took all of this new experience in!  An amazing weekend Blayke, we can’t wait to see you race again!

Wesley Henderson (7)

100 Free - 2:02.93, 3rd    50 Breast - 59.62, 1st     100 Back - 2:02.40, 5th

25 Fly    - 27.81, 1st        50 Free - 44.71, 2nd       50 Back - 52.82, 3rd

Wes had another great weekend in the pool, receiving 5 new best times and also receiving 2nd place overall in aggregate points in her age group.  Wes likes to race and you can see it when she hits that water.  All your hard work in practice is showing at the meets.  Way to go Wes!  Keep up the good work!!


7 & Under Boys

Lincoln Siemens (7)

25 Breast - 40.79, 8th     25 Back - 32.75, 8th            25 Free - 28.1, 16th    

50 Free - 1:10.89, 18th

Lincoln was so excited to be at his first swim meet.  He was so ready to race.  He took the whole experience in!  He listened so well and did everything we asked him to focus on in his races.  Way to go Lincoln!  This is the start of many more meets to come and we are excited to see you grow!


8 Year Old Girls

Isla Johnson (8)

100 Free - 3:36.44, 33rd    50 Breast - 1:41.75, 25th    100 Back - 3:19.51, 27th

100 Breast - 3:45.05, 20th    50 Free - 1:36.30, 42nd    50 Back - 1:29.93, 43rd

This is Isla’s favourite meet, that prize table sure does get her moving fast!! Isla swam 2 new best times with a 10.46 second drop in her 50 free!  Being the only Para swimmer at the meet, Isla was helping the officials at this meet with a learning opportunity on how to officiate a Level 1 Para Swimmer.  She received amazing feedback from officials from this meet on how well she is swimming at her level.  We are so proud of you Isla!!    

Zoe Peterson (8)

100 Free - 2:38.22, 30th    100 Back - 2:29.73, 24th    50 Free - 1:07.94, 36th    

50 Back - 1:06.26, 35th

What a great meet Zoe had!  She earned herself 100% best times at this meet!!  The biggest drop being 6.51 second in her 100 Free.  Zoe cheered on everyone at this meet.  If she was not colouring with her teammates in the stands, she was cheering them on in the water!  It was so fun to watch.  Don’t stop cheering and supporting your teammates!

Ayslin Sanderson (8)

100 Free - 1:59.80, 18th    50 Breast - 1:17.29, 21st    100 Back - 2:17.95, 19th

25 Fly    - 29.04, 1st        50 Free - 52.48, 18th        50 Back - 1:00.91, 28th

Ayslin rocked her swims this weekend with 100% best times. She also did 25 fly for the 1st time and placed 1st in her age group in this event.  Ayslin loved warming up in the other pool to be ready for her races and using the 30 Second Dance Party to do activation before her race if there was not time to be in the pool.  Fantastic swimming habits to get into Ayslin! All the hard work in the practice is paying off!

Elizabeth Turnbull (8)

100 Free - 3:02.24, 31st    25 Breast - 41.32, 10h    100 Back - 2:34.34, 25th

 50 Free - 1:19.81, 39th    50 Back - 1:15.27, 42th

100% best times for Izzy!!!  She killed it in the pool!!  Izzy listened so well to what we asked her to focus on in each race. Her biggest drop in time was in her 50 back with 15.25 seconds!  Huge!!!  Izzy also swam 100 Back for the 1st time.  Izzy was usually beside Zoe cheering for her teammates too.  A dynamic duo!!  Way to swim this weekend Izzy!


8 Year Old Boys

Oliver Tweten (8)

100 Free - 2:04.50, 16th    25 Breast - 29.84, 1st     50 Breast - 1:04.97, 4th

100 Breast - 2:15.14, 4th    50 Free - 55.80, 20th        50 Back - 1:03.18, 25th

Oliver earned himself 2 new best times this meet in 25 Breast, placing 1st, and 100 Breast.  This is his favourite stroke.  Oliver worked hard at this meet and always made me giggle. He had fun in the stands with his teammates playing games and colouring too.  A big part of swim meets is the time spent in between races and the kids did a great job making good connections this meet!  Keep working and listening at practice Oliver, you can see it in your races. 


9 Year Old Girls

Quinn Baht (9)

100 Free - 1:34.19, 6th    50 Fly - 50.38, 10th        100 Back - 1:44.73, 4th

200 IM - 3.48.32, 4th        50 Free - 41.36, 9th        50 Back - 48.82, 14th

Quinn had another great meet after swimming last weekend in the Regina Marlins Icebreaker.  Quinn swam her first ever 200 IM and was pretty nervous about it.  She took those nerves and channelled them into that race.  It was the fastest reaction time off those blocks I have ever seen from Quinn!  It was awesome!!  Great weekend swimming Quinn!

Amelia Robbenhaar (9)

100 Free - 2:34.05, 52nd    100 Back - 2:29.97, 43rd    100 Breast - 2:56.35, 43rd    

50 Free - 1:04.74, 76th    50 Back - 1:14.19, 74th

This was Mia’s second meet she has gone to and did an amazing job!! She got 5 new best times and not by just a little bit!!  She crushed them all.  Her biggest drop was in her 100 Breast with 33.38 seconds.  Amazing!!  She has improved so much since the beginning of the year and so excited to see her keep going!  Keep focusing on the little things in practice Mia!!!


9 Year Old Boys

Ethan Bennett

100 Free - 2:20.13, 38th    50 Breast - 1:22.50, 29th    25 Fly - 29.47, 6th    

50 Free - 57.55, 41st        50 Back - 1:02.46, 36th

This did not seem like Ethan’s first ever swim meet!  He didn’t seem nervous at all, even though he may have been.  He crushed his swims and looks like he loves to race! He took direction well for each race and soaked up the Dino Cup experience, prize table and all!!     Can’t wait to watch you at your next meet Ethan!!

Connor Donnelly

50 Free - 1:05.67, 45th    50 Back - 1:04.75, 37th

This was Connor’s first swim meet too!   There are a lot of things to know about swim meets and sometimes just being at them to experience them is the way we learn about them.  Connor handled all the learning experiences like a pro!! Connor did an amazing job, had fun and was always smiling.  Excited to see you at your next meet Connor!!!


10 Year Old Boys

Mack Hutchinson

100 Free - 2:31.13, 42nd    100 Back - 2:22.87, 31st    50 Free - 1:00.18, 43rd    

50 Back - 1:04.73, 47th

Another first swim meet swimmer!  Mack had every question in the book and was alway asking to make sure he knew everything, sometimes twice! He was very interested in how it all works. He sure liked to race and put everything he had into his swims. Mack listened well and took everything we had to say and applied it in his races.  He did amazing!!  Hope to see you at another meet. Good work Mack! 


11 Year Old Boys

Connor Tweten

100 Free - 1:35.02, 13th    100 IM    - 1:49.95, 14th     50 Breast - 54.22, 11th

100 Breast - 1:55.52, 7th    200 IM    - 3:48.59, 5th

Connor swam 2 new best times in 100 Free and 50 Breast, just after swimming last weekend in the Icebreaker meet.  He also swam 200 IM for the first time and did amazing even though he did not like his coach for putting him in it. (insert wink emoji)  We have been working on the transitions and turns for each stroke in practice and it was what Connor totally focused on in this race.  His underwaters were great, especially in his 50 Fly coming out past the flags!!  Keep on working on the little things Connor they will definitely pay off!!


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