Integrated Support Team (IST)

Pointe-Claire Swim Club 


Parent IST Information Brochure

(version 1.1 February 23rd)

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What is IST?

The Integrated Support Team (IST) comprises of a team of professionals that employ an evidence-based approach to the systematic evaluation and preparation of athletes.


Services Offered

Our Integrated Support Team provides services providers in

· Mental Performance

· Sport Nutrition

· Athletic Therapy



All Pointe-Claire Swim Club athletes have access to our IST services.



The cost varies based on the service provider.

All athletes in the club are entitled to one free appointment with our specialists. Athletes in a the National Performance, Jr. National Performance, and Sport-Etudes Performance groups have the costs of their appointments covered through performance grants.


How to Apply

Speak to your coach or the coach of your child and they will start the process for you.


Integrated Support Team Program

2024 Calendar Year

The Pointe-Claire Swim Club provides all athletes with support from our dedicated team of sport professionals. All members of the Pointe-Claire Swim Team will benefit from the following:

A yoga program for every group in the club focusing on flexibility, mental clarity, strength, and more.

One free session with our athletic therapists, mental performance consultants, and/or nutritionist. Availability is limited to the schedule of services offered; additional sessions are available but will need to be covered through the family’s insurance or payment for now.

Access to the Trainwave app (13+ year olds for now, currently in Beta). Trainwave is an application built by expert mental health and performance consultants from Olympic, Paralympic, and pro sport. Trainwave delivers accessible, age-appropriate resources to young athletes.



Once in any of our Performance groups (National Performance, Junior National Performance, or Sport-Etudes Performance), athletes will receive the above as well as the following, made possible by money from athletic performance grants.

Unlimited sessions with our IST professionals

Access to Vald Performance equipment and tools to track and augment their strength and performance.

Our Team of Support Professionals