Pointe-Claire Integrated Support Team (IST) Services




Our Team of Support Professionals

Integrated Support Team (IST)

What is IST?

The Integrated Support Team (IST) comprises of a team of professionals that employ an evidence-based approach to the systematic evaluation and preparation of athletes.


Services Offered

Our Integrated Support Team provides services providers in

· Mental Performance

· Sport Nutrition

· Strength and Conditioning

· Athletic Therapy



All Pointe-Claire Swim Club athletes have access to our IST services.



The cost varies based on the service provider.

Subsidies are available through the club for Élite, Relève, and Trials-level swimmers.


How to Apply

Speak to your coach or the coach of your child and they will start the process for you.


Our Team

Athletic Therapist

  • Courtney Coulter (Canoe-Kayak)
  • Peter Levidis (Canoe-Kayak)
  • Gabrielle Padvaiskas (Swimming)
  • Arielle Rousseau (Swimming)



  • Ariane Lavigne (Canoe Kayak)


Mental Performance Specialist

  • Roxanne Carriere (Canoe-Kayak)
  • Heidi Malo (Swimming)


Strength and Conditioning

  • Camille Jutras (Diving)

List of PCSC Identified Athletes



2022-2023 Season (As of March 1st, 2023)

[Pool] Men and Women - Excellence, Elite, Releve

[Open Water] Men and Women - Excellence, Elite, Releve

[Paranatation] Men and Women - Excellence, Elite, Releve

[Pool] Men and Women - Espoir