Patriot Swim Club Meet Policy:

Participants on the Patriot Swim Club are expected to sign up for meets using and following the rules on the USA-sanctioned meet sheet for that given meet. 
Only meets listed on the Patriot Swim Club website are available for entry. Athletes are expected to consult their coach about what meet to enter.
If an athlete/swimmer commits to attend a meet through our Team Unify entry platform at site, they agree to be responsible for payment of entries and any other associated cost with participating in that meet. This is the preferred method of entry for the Patriot Swim Club, as coaches have the prerogative to change, modify or add events for their athlete swimmer. If an athlete does not participate on both days or must leave a meet early, that must be clearly spelled out in the notes section of the online commitment to the meet.  The best practice is to commit to enter the meet and let the coaches decide the events for the swimmer.
There will be no refunds made to those who commit to a meet and choose not to participate in that meet after the Patriot Swim Club deadline has passed. Participating or not, the swimmer/guardian is responsible for the entry fees and will be invoiced accordingly. Scratched events will not be refunded. Coach added events will not be refunded.  
Swim Meets and Competition are an integral part of our program and part of the training process.  We are a competitive coached team sport. Coaches will decide what events are necessary for each swimmer to participate in. accordance with training, goals, etc
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How to sign up for a meet:

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Use the link under "Upcoming Team Events".
  3. Choose "Edit Commitment" for the event your swimmer plans to attend.

  4. A new page opens, "Team Events", and you will use the "Athlete Signup" tab. Scroll down to your swimmer's name at the bottom of the page (labeled 1). That link will lead you to the commitment page. Use the dropdown menu (labeled with the red arrow) to select your answer (next screenshot).  
    The link with the event's name (labeled 2) opens to general information regarding the meet. 

  5. Once the commitment is set, the page will extend to the events offered at the swim meet. Pay close attention to the rules of each event, which will be listed at the top of the page. 

    If you get lost or need help, please feel free to contact your swimmer's coach to assist you.