HRA’s mission is to develop individual athletes within a team-oriented structure.

Our objectives may be summarized as follows:

to provide a safe and challenging learning environment where each athlete is guided from aspiration to achievement.

to build our club membership base to allow HRA to become a model program both within the state of Colorado and in the United States

to promote the sport of swimming in Highlands Ranch and throughout the greater Denver metro area.



The HRA coaching staff and club administrators feel very strongly about the values associated with the program. We expect each parent and athlete to understand and adhere to these principles and encourage every member to strive toward building the strongest team possible. The core values expected of each member of HRA include:

Fearlessness - We will readily embrace challenges and face our fears of failure

Accountability - We will take responsibility for our actions and our own success

Sportsmanship - We will respect our fellow competitors as well as the parents, coaches, officials and volunteers who make our success possible

Tenacity - We will develop a perseverance and passion for long-term goals and the grit to overcome obstacles in their pursuit

Enthusiasm - We will infuse our hard work with inspired power and positivity

Spirit – We will look for ways to inspire those around us and to contribute to the success of our teammates

Teamwork - We will support and encourage our teammates, and celebrate our collective success