OCSC Financial Aid

OCSC offers a swim club scholarship to qualifying families to offset some of the required swim fees.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers, in part or full, swim club registration fees as well as club required meet fees (home swim meets and Conference). The scholarship does not cover USA fees, non-club required swim meet fees, swimsuits, goggles, or any other swim supplies or apparel.

Who is eligible for a scholarship and how does it work?

A family is eligible for a swim club scholarship if the family receives reduced or free lunch through the school district, as determined by the USDA. The reduction in swim club fees is based on the same reduction amount as the school lunch program. For example, if a swimmer receives a 50% reduction in school lunch fees, the swim club registration fees and club required meet fees would also be reduced by 50%. Likewise, if a swimmer receives free lunch, the swim club registration fees and club required meet fees would be free. OCSC pays the remaining portion of any required fees.

How do I apply for a swim club scholarship?

Contact the OCSC Registrar and provide a copy of the determination letter you received from the determining body that shows your family qualified for reduced or free lunch.  A copy of the determination letter will need to be supplied for each session a family\swimmer applies for a scholarship.  The OCSC Board reserves the right to limit the number of swim sessions a scholarship can be requested per family\swimmer over the course of a swim season (September (Fall) through July (Summer)).