For Swimmers that have been on a USA Swimming Club in the past:

Please contact coaches at this link:  CONTACT US  Coaches may then determine if you need to attend Tigershark Camp or if placement could be based off of meet times and/or seeing your swimmer swim at meets.


For Swimmers NEW to a USA Swimming Club:

We hold new swimmer evaluations (Tigershark Camp) twice a year prior to our 2 swim seasons.  We hold one in August and the other in either March or early April.  We evaluate swimmers for swim team readiness, which group to place them in, or to recommend more lessons.  Attending camp does not guarantee placement on our team as it depends on if your swimmer would fit well with the groups that we have openings.

We will post the dates of the next camps here and a link to register for Tigershark camp usually by mid-February and July each year.

More information:

  • Swimmers are usually given a 2 hr window to keep open and then scheduled closer to the date of Tigershark Camp to a 30 min session with the youngest in earliest sessions and oldest in the later sessions.
  • Families are given a date following the camp that we will email placements or recommendation for more lessons.  The day following placements is usually when we then have those with placements register for the team if the swimmer decides to join.
  • Bring goggles, swim suit, towel, swim caps (optional), mask if still required to enter Oregon Community Pool, 249 Brook St, Oregon, WI.
  • CONTACT US if questions.