Our instructors are available for private and semi-private lessons. You can also take private lessons as a "booster lesson" to improve your skating skills or to train for competitions! All of our coaches are members of U.S Figure Skating, the Professional Skaters Association and USA Hockey. Because our athlete's mental and physical safety is paramount to us, each coach has passed a comprehensive background check through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and are SafeSport certified through the U.S Olympic Committee.

You are welcome to come and observe our instructors on the ice at any time. You may approach an instructor directly to arrange a lesson, or click their name below to send an email. If you are not sure which coach which is right for you, please fill out the Private Lesson Request below and our Director of Figure Skating will determine the best fit for you. Please note that due to a high volume of requests, Private Lesson Requests may take up to 2+ weeks to schedule a lesson with a professional coach - if you are looking for a lesson as soon as possible, we recommend a Drop-In Private Lesson.

All of our instructors are independent contractors. Once an instructor has been selected, all lesson scheduling and cancellations must be handled directly with the instructor. Pines Ice Arena is not responsible for scheduling private lessons. The lesson cost does not include the price of ice time/admission or skate rental. Payment for the private lesson must be made in the Skate School at Pines Ice Arena. You will receive a lesson ticket that is to be given to the instructor prior to the lesson.

Lesson fees range from $35-$60 per half hour. Ice time varies based on session.


Kristin Alberico

Director of Figure Skating

Irina Delgado

Skate Camp/Academy Director

Kristine Levitina

Assistant Director of Figure Skating

Virgilie Aliu-Otokiti

Genavieve Federhofer

Max Frossin

Frances Gilmore

Derrick Griffin

Kris Grobins

Monica Harris Muehl

Christine Husar

JS Legare


Tracey Lohse

Beth Oren

Anastasia Simavskaia

Margarita Tyler

Rose Weinstein


Alexa Binder

Tyler Charles

Jesus Gonzalez

Melissa Machado

Maddy Minnick

Valeria Olano


Alexandra Brown

Isabella Cardona

Carla Del Rio

Skye Espinal

Dylan Farrie

Zharia Gelin

Elena Lerma

Ana Rivera

Anastasia Timoveeva

Sabrina Wakat


Steve Lynch

Travel Hockey Director

Vinny Morris

Youth Hockey Director

Chris Smith

Assistant Youth Hockey Director

Sal Lucania

Adult Hockey Director

Michael Cooper

Vlad Cheremeta

Kyle DeSantis

Ray Desouza

Nathan Grobins

Alex LeCourt

Jon Milhouse

Franco Richter

Randy Rodriguez