The dictionary definition is: "in the process of being developed, or completed; in the works; under way"

The Oahu North Shore Pipeline in Hawaii is a legendary surf mecca attracting the best surfers in the world!  The massive waves host the Super Bowl of wave riding.  Our new team name depicts the Pipeline of swimming -- everyone catching the wave at a different time, with champions riding it to the very end. 

Anyone who has experienced the Pipeline knows it's an exciting ride -- from START to FINISH!


Our swim team was a vision born over the span of 49 years and we didn't even know it!  When this swimming journey began with Coach Piper's mother (1929-2018) who grew up and swam in Hawaii and was introduced to Coach Soichi Sakamoto (The Three-Year Swim Club: Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids).  He was not only Coach Piper's grandfather's best friend, he was also her mother's 6th grade teacher and eventually her swim coach!  When Coach Piper was just 5 years old, she met Coach Sakamoto and their training and 30 year swimmer/coach relationship began.  The individual cards that Coach Piper sends out to each of her swimmers was a tradition that Coach Sakamoto used to do for his swimmers.  After swimming and into adulthood, Coach Piper wrote letters back and forth to her coach until the day he died in 1997. 

The lessons we can teach through the sport is one of our greatest gifts we can give and we feel blessed to be able to pay it forward each and every day!  Swimming requires discipline, hard work, dedication, team work, intelligence (swimmer IQ), motivation, integrity, sportsmanship and time-management!  These character traits built through being a part of the team and being held accountable to the commitment each athlete makes when joining PIPELINE.  These learned skills will be used in every aspect of our athletes academics, and eventually at their jobs and relationships.  There is no negative to joining a youth sports organization such as swimming and joining PIPELINE in instilling the values and hard work that is necessary in swimming.

We are in the business of helping to mold our young athletes and hold them accountable, if even for just a few hours each day and our dream is to build productive young adults who are proud of their team, their sport, achieving their goals, and having fun along the way!

If you have any questions about how PIPELINE can help your child, please feel free to reach out to Coach Patrick, 941-288-9777.

                                                                         GO PIPELINE!