These are the current training groups offered at Gator Swim Club of Western Massachusetts for our inaugural season. We will be adding additional training groups as the program grows. Please stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Tailgator: The Tailgator program is for young athletes who love the water and are interested in competitive swimming being their sport. We teach basics of competitive swimming such as the 4 competitive strokes, racing starts, flip turns, and various other techniques that may not be focused on in a traditional lesson program. Swimmers who have a basic understanding of freestyle and backstroke are ready to begin training with this group.

Green: The Green group is for swimmers who have a basic understanding of the 4 competitive strokes and are ready to begin moving from the instructional setting and into more focused training sets. Swimmers in the Green group may begin competing in USA Swimming-sanctioned competitions.

Gold: The Gold group is for our more advanced competitive swimmers who have achieved a strong understanding of the 4 competitive strokes. These athletes are ready to begin advanced training sets, endurance training, and dryland exercises. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend as many competitions as possible.