11-12 Red

Lead Coach- John Akalaitis
Assistant Coaches- Annie Gosselin, Tony Senkevicius, John Sullivan

The 11-12 Red group caters to pre-adolescent swimmers who have progressed beyond the basics and are now ready for more specialized training and competition. These swimmers typically have a solid grasp of all four competitive strokes and are capable of swimming longer distances with proper technique.

swimmers will focus on refining their strokes through stroke-specific technique drills, while increasing their aerobic endurance and anaerobic capacity through challenging swim and kick sets.  More advanced training and racing strategies will be introduced with the goal of preparing swimmers for more advanced races. Swimmers will be expected to add distances of 200 yards/meters and higher in multiple strokes (or IM) to their swim meet event lists.  Coaches will work to organize each group with lane assignments and intervals to fit specific skills.

Competitive opportunities become more prominent in this age group, with swimmers having the chance to participate in local, regional, and potentially national-level competitions. Coaches provide guidance and support to help swimmers set and achieve their competitive goals, whether it's achieving qualifying times, winning medals, or simply improving personal bests.

Overall, the 11-12 swimming group provides a dynamic and challenging environment where swimmers can continue to develop their skills, compete at increasingly higher levels, and foster a lifelong love for the sport of swimming.