FMC Aquatic is a year-round competitive swim team and educational swim program. The organization is a non-for profit swim club offering professional coaching and swim instruction for all ages and abilities with the emphasis on developing skills and technique.

FMC Aquatic, a USA Swim Team affiliate, promotes discipline, responsibility, respect and integrity amongst its members, while encouraging them to realize their full potential as an athlete.


2023 Long Course Championship Recap...


Age Group Champs

Event Winners: Sophie Thompson 10&U 50 FL, Molly Forebaugh 11-12 200/400/800 FR, Karina Miller 13-14 200 BK, 10&U Boys 200 FR Relay J.Ivanov, R.Abraham, B.Alberti, J.Eidukevicius

FMC High Point Scorers: 10&U Sophie Thompson & Julian Ivanov, 11-12 Molly Forebaugh & Chase Juiris, 13-14 Karina Miller & Shane Johnson

A Finalists: 47 Individual Events (IE) & 11 Relay Events (RE), B Finalists: 58 IE & 10 RE

Team Combined 4th Place, Women 5th Place, Men 6th Place


Senior Champs

Event Winners: Piper Wood Prince 400/800/1500 FR, Parker Chan 1500 FR, Calvin Groenewold 100/200 BR, Women’s 800 FR Relay: M.Ceballos, E.Houston, B.Mahneke, P.Wood Prince, Men’s 400 FR Relay: G.Clasen, M.Goettsch, A.Musso, M.Masmoudi, Men’s 800 FR Relay: Aa.Deshpande, G.Clasen, M.Goettsch, M.Masmoudi, Men’s 400 Medley Relay: Aa.Deshpande, C.Groenewold, G.Clasen, M.Goettsch

FMC High Point Scorers: Piper Wood Prince & Parker Chan

A Finalists: 61 IE & 11 RE, B Finalists: 48 IE & 1 RE

Team Combined Champions, Women 1st Place, Men 1st Place


USA Summer Junior Nationals

Five Attendees: Nojus Bertulis, Velizar Filipov, Jeffrey Hou, Brady Johnson, Alex Lakin

Finalists: Alex Lakin 100 BR, 11th; Brady Johnson 200 BK, 19th; Men’s 200 Medley Relay: B.Johnson, A.Lakin, J.Hou, N.Bertulis 11th


2023 Short Course Championship Recap...


Senior Champs

Event Winners: Aiden Musso 50 FR, Brady Johnson 100 BK, Nojus Bertulis 100 BR, Jeffrey Hou 100 FL, Men’s 400 Medley Relay B.Johnson, A.Lakin, J.Hou, N.Priest

Top 3: Burlington Bokos 200 FL, Parker Chan 1000 FR, Jeffrey Hou 100 BR, Alex Lakin 200 BR

A Finalists: 17 E & 8 RE, B Finalists: 24 IE & 4 RE

Team Combined 2nd Place, Men 2nd Place, Women 5th Place


Age Group Champs

Event Winners: Karina Miller 13-14 200 FR & BK, Lindsay Forebaugh 13-14 100 & 200 FL

FMC High Point Scorers: 13-14 Lindsay Forebaugh, 11-12 Sydney Kail & Adrian Sliz, 10&U Sophie Thompson & Julian Ivanov

A Finalists: 41 IE & 11 RE, B Finalists: 65 IE & 13 IE

Team Combined 6th Place, Women 3rd Place, Men 13th Place


NCSA Junior Nationals

Top 3 Finishes: Brady Johnson 50 BR, Women’s 200 FR Relay B.Mahneke, K.Miller, L.Collins, E.Goettsch, Men’s 200 Medley Relay B.Johnson, A.Lakin, J.Hou, N.Priest

A Finalists: 6 IE & 4 RE, B Finalists: 12 IE & 5 RE, C Finalists: 9 IE & 2 RE

Team Combined 7th Place, Men 6th Place, Women 13th Place


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