18 & Under World 100s
Indiana Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 100
Effective September 1, 2013, all team support personnel (volunteers) are required to be members of USA Swimming (USA Swimming officials or non-athlete members), or submit to a Carmel Clay Schools  or Carmel Swim Club criminal history report via Safe Hiring Solutions. The club will honor prior criminal history reports on file at CCS if they have not expired. Criminal history reports are $12.95/person and are the responsibility of the club member(s). To initiate a background check, click this link.

Team support personnel (volunteers) will not be allowed to participate in any club events (Pit Crew Parents, swim meets, etc.) until we have a criminal history report on file for you. These reports are good for three (3) years. 

Team Support

Families will provide team support through their required sessions (8-12/year) between the championship/developmental meets and the 12 and under meets, as indicated by the online team support sign up instructions.  The number of team support sessions PER MEET will be determined prior to the swim meet.  The number of sessions required is dependent upon the number of families in the club. Families with USS Officials should only sign up to provide team support as USS Officials.

Team Support (volunteer) position descriptions

Team Support substitute list